An Institute Exclusive for IX, X, Boards, NTSE, NSEJS, KVPY, Olympiad & Foundation (JEE, AIIMS, CA & CLAT)

About Us

We are team of academicians from various back grounds who have an expertise of helping students to prepare for various competitive exams like CAT, CLAT, SAT, JEE, NEET, UPSC, Banking etc. During the process of preparation, we observed students struggle to make the cut because of weak fundamentals. Fundamentals are directly connected with level of studies at the levels of class 7, 8, 9 and 10. This bought us together to start ‘Invictus.’

Mr. Vijay Motwani (Director, Operations and Expansion) packs the quintessence of his 18 years’ experience of teaching Mental Ability to CAT aspirants into every moment of his delivery, helping students cut incredibly on calculation time and instantly arrive at the correct option in multiple choice questions by strategic rejection. Be it quadratic equations or the mind-boggling permutation and combination, the problems just melt into their solutions for students trained by him.

Mr. Vijay Motwani
Mr. Abhishek

Mr. Abhishek Dubey’s (Academic Director, Biology) amazing vivid and detailed board work, mnemonic techniques and inspirational tone combines to implant the intricacies of Bio Sciences onto his students’ minds. He has the rare distinction of authoring books published by renowned publications such as Pearson and Oswal. His MSc in Biochemistry and 7 years of teaching experience proves to be the most lethal combination for delivering optimum knowledge required for any student with a keen mind in Biology.

Mr. Mohammed Imtiaz’s (Academic Director, Mathematics) clarity of concepts in Math’s and his painstaking and prompt method of imparting the same understanding in students must be seen to be believed. He motivates and leads his students through a large of problems of every type with speed and indefatigability. The problems of the tricky Trigonometry or the puzzling geometry dissolve under his students’ pellucid gaze, revealing their answers. With 8 years of teaching experience, he is able to put the fear of Mathematics at rest from the students mind once and for all.

Mr. Mohammed Imtiaz’s
Mr. Mohammed Irshad

Mr. Mohammed Irshad (Academic Director, Chemistry), an MTech, holds a mirror to the mystery of the combination of constituents in substances. Physical, Organic or Inorganic, the understanding of all branches of Chemistry flow through him like a homogenous solution, crystallizing in his students brains into a deep and correct appreciation of the facts. With 10 years of teaching experience, little wonder that his students can tackle any question on chemistry with ease.

Mr. Shahbaz Soofi (Academic Director, Physics) projects the fundamentals of Physics like real images on his students’ consciousness. As MTech in Advanced electronics and Digital Communication, he has the ability to choose the required bit from his vast repertoire of knowledge, and smoothly navigate students through the subtle points that need to be understood and remembered. His 8 years of teaching experience in Physics and strong technical knowledge helps him to make the subject fun and easier to understand using various animations and modelling.

Mr. Shahbaz Soofi